Welcome to Shilocraft

A 1.12 Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Server | Apply for whitelist here

Tired of Ultra-Customized Minecraft Servers?

Us too! That's why we only use necessary plugins to protect our server, and our players.

Plugins Installed

Performance Tweaks

Our plugins are categorized into three groups.

Security, Enhancement, and Performance


Security plugins are pretty self explanatory, they either protect the server, or the players from hackers and rule breakers.


Do you want to walk 20,000 blocks to join a friend in a game? I don’t either. That’s why we have enhancements such as home teleports and portal networks.


Just died from lag? Frustrating isn’t it? We have multiple performance enhancing plugins in place to allow for minecraft to run as perfectly as possible.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for a new home, or just another place to stop by now and then, we hope we can be everything you want us to be.

Apply for whitelist today!

IP Address: play.shilocraft.com | Whitelist Access Required to Connect