Welcome to Shilocraft!

Shilocraft is a 1.20 Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Server that aims to provide the best possible experience possible, but without adding too much “fluff” to the over-all core game experience. Continue reading to learn more about us, and our community! We’re happy to help out on discord should you need additional info, or wish to join our growing community. Join Discord

Chest Protection

Shilocraft has plugins for Chest, Furnace, Door, Trapdoor, Armor Stand Auto Protections. You can share your protected items with your friends for convienance. You can also disable protections on your items if you’d like. 

Grief Protection

Shilocraft uses a powerful database of every block edit on the server to detect, and roll-back any grief that may occur. Should you or your friends experience any damage to your builds from a rule breaker, simply request staff to perform a rollback for you!

Join a Friendly & Diverse Community

Our community is incredibly welcoming to newcomers and returning players. Hop into the game today and strike up a conversation, you’ll have a new friend (or group of friends) to play along with in no time, or invite your friends and help expand our welcoming community!

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IP Address: Play.Shilocraft.com