Help Support Shilocraft's Server Costs

Donation Information

Donations help support Shilocraft’s Server Costs. We put all donated funds toward paying the monthly fees associated with keeping the server up. Players can be rewarded from donations via cosmetic rewards, and other useful perks. You can view the rewards by clicking the donate button!

Our average cost each month is about $100 depending on bandwidth usage, and player activity.

We generally pay out of pocket for server fees, however donations help us keep motivated, and the server up and running. We greatly appreciate any and all contributions. We mainly accept contributions via PayPal. You can use any major Credit/Debit Card, or PayPal Balance to Donate to Shilocraft. When donating via PayPal, please put your in-game name in the donation notes/comment section.

If you wish to make a contribution by a means other than Paypal, please contact Shilofax on Discord.

Donation rewards are usually given out within 24 hours. However sometimes, it may take up to 72 hours for your reward to arrive.

NOTE: All past donors. Your perks are still valid. You will be given the rank which has the perks closest to what you used to have. If you currently are missing your perks, please contact the staff on the discord for assistance on reclaiming your older perks.

Donation Store

Click the button below to view the donation perks, pricing, and to donate!

If you do not have a paypal account, use the button below to donate via credit/debit card.

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