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How to create a shop

Players can create shops in order to buy and sell item from other players.

Creating a shop is easy, just follow the directions below:

  1. Place a Chest on the Ground
  2. Place a sign one block away from the chest (for example, above it) or on the chest.
  3. On the sign, write:


The first line will be automatically filled with your username. Leave it blank.

The second line is the amount of an item to buy, or sell.

The third line is a combination of buy, and sell prices. You need to have a price indicator (like ‘B’ – price that will apply to item BOUGHT by players – or ‘S’ – the SELL price) near the price. The prices are separated by a colon. (:)

The fourth line will hold the item ID/name of the item you wish to use for the shop. If you write ‘?’ on the bottom line, the fourth line will be automatically filled for you based on the item currently in the chest.

You can currently only sell a single item per chest/shop. If a chest becomes full, or empty, the shop will no longer work. You will receive money for items bought from your shops, even if you are offline.

How to Lock Chests, Doors, and other Items

You can lock your chests, doors, furnaces, and other similar items by using the following commands:

/cprivate – Creates private chest

/cpublic – Create public chest, but prevents it from being broken

/cdonation – Creates donation chest. Players can add items, but not remove them.

/cpassword <password> – Creates a password protected chest

/cmodify <name> – Same function as /cprivate <name>

/chopper <on/off> – allows hoppers to interact with your protected item

In addition, you can add a player to one of your protections by using /cprivate <name> on an already protected item.

You can remove a protection by typing /cremove

Economy Tutorial

Shilocraft has an economy in place to encourage player trading, but also to allow a few cool features. However, there are a few things you should know about the economy.

You can use your on-hand balance for the following:

  • Buying items from Shops
  • Buying items from the Server Shop
  • Gambling (Coming Soon)
  • Sending money to other players.

Upon death, you will drop some of your on hand balance.

You do not lose any of your bank balance upon death.

You can currently gain money by doing the following:

  • Selling items to other players
  • Selling items to the Admin shop
  • Donations to the Server
How to activate and deactivate Ultimate Timber

Ultimate Timber is now available for VIP ranks and above!

This functionality is on by default for these ranks. It only works with a gold/diamond axe, and you must break the bottom log for it to activate.

If you’d like to toggle this ability off. You can use /ut toggle

How to upgrade Enchanting Tables

Enchanting Tables can be upgraded by placing a base of 3×3 Diamond or Emerald Blocks

Diamond Blocks: Level 1 Boost

Emerald Blocks: Level 2 Boost

WARNING: Using a boosted enchanting table has a chance to destroy your table each time you enchant.

Head System Commands

/headdb/hdb, /heads: opens the user interface
/hdb info | i: Shows info about the plugin and database
/hdb search | s [input]: search for heads in the database.

/phead, /playerh [name]: gives you a playerhead

How to Upgrade Donor Ranks

– Most users should see the next rank up at a discounted rate on the store, simply buy whatever rank you’d like.

– If you don’t see the higher ranks discounted, simply submit a custom donation for the difference in price between the rank you have and the one you want to upgrade to.

Example: If you’re a VIP and want to upgrade to Sponsor, send $50.

How to make a Lift

1) Create the bottom floor with iron blocks. An elevator can be as small as 1 block or as big as 15 blocks in any shape. Smaller areas will have less lag. Make sure the lift iron blocks don’t touch any other iron in the building — the plugin doesn’t know the difference!

2) Next create the floor’s control panel. On a wall place the following blocks. The signs and buttons must be “over” one of the iron base blocks.
[​IMG] – Required sign, leave blank or put the name of the floor on the first line.
[​IMG] – Button
– Air
[​IMG] – Iron floor block you just placed.

3) Create the elevator shaft. To create a new floor platform use glass blocks instead of iron. Like the first floor over one of the glass blocks create the floor interface.

[​IMG] – Required sign, leave blank or put the name of the floor on the first line.
[​IMG] – Button
– Air
[​IMG] – Glass floor

4) Make sure the shaft is clear of all obstructions except for floor glass, buttons and signs. Torches and vines are also allowed in the elevator shaft.

5) To use your elevator right click the sign above the button to select a destination floor. The sign will automatically add the correct information.

Video Tutorial: here 

How to use Mob Transporters

Super Sponsors can now use Mob Transporters.


Crafting Recipe:


Mobs Compatible: Pig, Skeleton Horse, Chicken, Cow, Horse, Sheep, Villager, Mule, Panda, Llama, Fox, Iron Golems, Turtles, Bees, Rabbit, Dolphins

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