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How to Lock Chests, Doors, and other Items

You can lock your chests, doors, furnaces, and other similar items by using the following commands:

/cprivate – Creates private chest

/cpublic – Create public chest, but prevents it from being broken

/cdonation – Creates donation chest. Players can add items, but not remove them.

/cpassword <password> – Creates a password protected chest

/cmodify <name> – Same function as /cprivate <name>

/chopper <on/off> – allows hoppers to interact with your protected item

In addition, you can add a player to one of your protections by using /cprivate <name> on an already protected item.

You can remove a protection by typing /cremove

Head System Commands

/headdb/hdb, /heads: opens the user interface
/hdb info | i: Shows info about the plugin and database
/hdb search | s [input]: search for heads in the database.

/phead, /playerh [name]: gives you a playerhead

How to Upgrade Donor Ranks

– Most users should see the next rank up at a discounted rate on the store, simply buy whatever rank you’d like.

– If you don’t see the higher ranks discounted, simply submit a custom donation for the difference in price between the rank you have and the one you want to upgrade to.

Example: If you’re a VIP and want to upgrade to Sponsor, send $50.

How to make a Lift

Creating an elevator is simple. 

All you need to do is place down a wool block, and another wool block directly above it wherever you want your second floor to be. Once the wool is placed DROP an ender pearl on each wool, you should see some particle effects.

Now you should be able to navigate the floors. Jump to go up, and sneak to go down. You can also have multiple floors, and make the wool “base” more than 1 block. (an ender pearl is needed for each block on each floor).

How to use Mob Transporters

Super Sponsors can now use Mob Transporters.


Crafting Recipe:


Mobs Compatible: Pig, Skeleton Horse, Chicken, Cow, Horse, Sheep, Villager, Mule, Panda, Llama, Fox, Iron Golems, Turtles, Bees, Rabbit, Dolphins

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