Code of Conduct Explained

Shilocraft enforces a code of conduct in addition to the main set of rules. While the rules must be followed precisely, the code of conduct is more of a set of loose guidelines that we expect players to follow. Moderation or Administration may decide to punish players who excessively deviate from the code of conduct at their discretion. We reserve the right to modify the code of conduct at any time, with or without notice. By playing on Shilocraft, you awknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the code of conduct, and the server rules. Should you have any questions regarding the code of conduct, or the rules, please contact a staff member in-game, or on discord with your question, and we will answer it as soon as possible.

Shilocraft Rules

If you haven’t looked over the Shilocraft rules yet, we’d recommend reading those first, as you definitely don’t want to break any rule listed there, as it will most likely lead to a swift ban. Once you’ve read the rules, you can come back here to read the code of conduct.

Ban Appeal

Found yourself banned? Once re-reading the rules, and code of conduct, you can appeal your ban by clicking the button below. We aim to respond to all ban appeals within 24-72 hours.

Code of Conduct

1. Respect other’s bases and boundaries. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Digging under someone else’s base without permission
  • Deforesting areas that are not near you base, without replanting.
  • Building too close to someone else without permission.
  • Not entering or meddling with other people’s builds or items without permission.

2. If you are building a large scope project (IE: Long Railroad, Tunnel, Etc..) please make it look pretty, and not an eye-sore for the rest of the server.

3. When building, attempt to make your area look nice.

4. Don’t ugly up the world. Leave the envrionments you travel through looking the same as you found them.

  • Don’t leave “floaty trees” around.
  • Don’t leave scoffolding, or 1×1 towers after they are done being used.
  • Don’t dig out massive areas, and leave it visible from the surface.

5. Be generally decent to your fellow players. Respect other people’s builds, ideas, and projects.

  • Don’t mine out exposed resources by randomly teleporting around, and taking everything you see. Leave some for new players too!
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